Black Coffin Gift Boxes



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    We are so excited to finally have some coffin gift boxes available! These boxes have a separate lid that you can pull on and off to hide your treasures or you can use both halves as a trays and display all sorts of spooky items! We are so excited to be able to offer two sizes!!!

    The small box is 9" long and 5" wide (at the widest part). It is about 1 3/4" deep and made out of sturdy, black paperboard. Due to the material the boxes are made from, there may be small scratches or nicks.

    The large box is 13.5” long, almost 8” at the widest, and 2” deep!

    These coffin boxes are made out of sturdy, black paperboard. Because the material is paper, there may be tiny scratches or nicks. Each box comes wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap to keep them safe during transit!

    You can wrap one of the small coffin boxes with about 1/2-3/4 of a sheet of Skelly paper! (Although, wrapping paper and boxes will most likely ship separately!)
    The large boxes will take two sheets.

    *Please note that these boxes are not food grade or food safe however you can line boxes with a food safe paper!

    If you would like to purchase more than 3 large boxes, please message me so that I can give you the best shipping price! Due to shipping prices, please do not order more than three large boxes at one time! I will regrettably have to refund any additional boxes! Thank you for your understanding!
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    Love the product

    Even added details to add on the box.

    Love the coffin boxes! Would love to purchase bigger sizes if available. Packaged very thoughtfully.