Valentine’s Bow Gift Bags



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    Sometimes, wrapping a gift is just way toooo much work. I totally understand! With these Bow Bags, you not only get a beautiful metallic gift bag, but you also get a reusable, hand painted bow and a coffin tag comes already attached!

    The large bags are about 13" tall and 10" wide. The bag opens to 5" and can hold a pretty decent amount of presents! The bag is a vibrant metallic red and has black, braided cord handles and a Skelly Coffin tag pre-attached!
    The bow attached to the Large bag is a larger version of our medium grosgrain size, almost double the size! The bow is attached to the bag via the wire used to tie the bow and a small hole in the front of the bag and taped to the inside. You need about 3-5 pieces of tissue paper to fill this bag!

    The small bags are 9" tall and 7" wide and open up to 4". They are also metallic red and have black grosgrain ribbon handles. Skelly Coffin Tag will be pre-attached.
    The small bag doesn't have a hand-painted striped bow, and instead has one of our small, swirled grosgrain bows attached! These bows are easily removable and can be used again and again!
    You will need 2-3 pieces of tissue paper to fill this size!
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