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    A festive take on our super popular Foolish Mortals print! Let our holiday skulls make your season extra spooky!

    This print is available in 20"x 29" sheets and digitally printed in the United States. You can wrap 1-2 small presents with a sheet or buy multiple sheets for bigger gifts! This paper can also be used as a craft or scrapbook paper because it is not as heavy as the rolls. The sheets are ultra matte without sheen. Each sheet is shipped in a tube mailer and plastic sheeting. Please let me know if there is any damage upon delivery!
  • Reviews

    The perfect way to set my gifts apart this year! The paper is good quality and thick, so you might need more tape than you think. Will be ordering again next year!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WRAPPING PAPER! I gotta say the thickness of it compared to standard store bought wrapping paper makes it more durable. A little tricky to wrap some small corners but damn the overall quality and look outshines any small minute problems you can find. Over all 11/10 product. This seller is now my go to for the nmb4xmas theme.