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Lively Skellys Halloween Gift Wrap


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    It's with frightful delight that we announce our collaboration with the insanely talented Lively Ghosts!

    We used their spook-tacular pumpkin Mickey pin design and combined it with and our ghostly Skelly Skulls & our best selling Pumpkin King print!
    We want your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, to be filled with the magic of Halloween Disney! You can use this wrapping paper for presents, or backdrops, or scrapbooks!

    This print is available in sheets!
    Each sheet is 20"x 29" and digitally printed in the United States. You can wrap 1-2 small presents with a sheet or buy multiple sheets for bigger gifts! This paper can also be used as a craft or scrapbook paper because it is not as heavy as the rolls. The sheets are ultra matte without sheen. Each sheet is shipped in a tube mailer and plastic sheeting. Please let me know if there is any damage upon delivery!

    Each sheet is $6 or you can buy 2 for $11. I’ll refund the difference for the papers and any overages in shipping!

    To check out Lively Ghost's AMAZING pins, go to www.livelyghosts.com