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Black and Orange October Lace Wrapping Paper


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    This print came to being in a vintage shop in Alameda! I found the most amazing black dress that had the most perfect orange and black lace collar and cuffs. I was so excited to try it on and quickly realized I was not a housewife in the 1950's and this beautiful dress would never fit me. So I took a photo of the gorgeous lace and forgot about it. I found the photo later and played with to make a pattern that turned into a kaleidoscope of lace designs in the most perfect colors ever! Again, I forgot about it until years later when I finally turned it into a print for Skellys! It was quite the journey but it is finally here!

    This be print is can be used horizontally or vertically. Each sheet is 20” x 29” and digitally printed in the United States. You can wrap 1-2 small presents with a sheet or buy multiple sheets for bigger gifts! This paper can also be used as a craft or scrapbook paper because it is not as heavy as the rolls. The sheets are matte without any shine. Each sheet is shipped wrapped in tissue & bubble wrap and shipped in a cardboard tube. Please let me know if you prefer your order wrapped in plastic!