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Black & White Spooky Constellations

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    Never before has the been an entire constellation print of only white stars! And what better day to release than May 4th!

    *Expert tip! If you know someone loves special colors, go ahead and grab your colored pencils and color some of the stars and moons in! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it will make them feel extra special! I’d do it for you but I don’t know who you are giving the gift too and what their favorite colors are !!! (See last picture!)

    Each sheet is 20”x 29” and digitally printed in the United States. You can wrap 1-2 small presents with a sheet or buy multiple sheets for bigger gifts! This paper can also be used as a craft or scrapbook paper! The sheets are matte without any shine. Each sheet is shipped in a cardboard mailer. Please let me know if you prefer your order wrapped in plastic.