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Franken-Bat Valentine Cards


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    If you have a Cricut machine, chances are you have A TON of scraps lying around. I hit my limit and decided to channel my inner Dr. Frankenstein and CREATE SOME FRANKEN-BAT CARDS! (In Valentine colors of course!)

    These cards are multicolored and multi-textured! Black shimmer vinyl “stitches” (also scraps!) was added to tie everything together! Each tag is 11" wide and almost 8" tall (from the tips of the wings to the bottom of the tail!)

    These bat cards are a perfect for any Sally/Nightmare lover and can be the perfect addition to any gift! These bats are thicker than the original black & white tags as they are double layered. The back of the tag is white for writing your spooky love poems! These tags were made from scraps (just like our girl Sally!) colors are varied and no two tags are alike.

    These cards will be shipped in a paper pouch and may be shipped separate from wrapping paper in a flat mailer. I can combine orders but the card may get a little curved due to the how the wrapping paper is shipped and the size of the boxes we use! Please let me know in the notes if you prefer the tags and paper to be shipped together and I will refund the excess shipping! *Please don't get mad at me if the tags aren't perfectly flat when you receive them though!